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very wanted to escape to hide

Now of oneself have changed, changed thoroughly.
No longer is the former that I, I don't know is better or worse. There is a say a feeling. Time in change me, but I do not have to change something. I don't know what it represents, I don't know what is right is wrong. Will always want to many, many things quietly, I seem to become a sentimental person. The idea of the in the mind is always a lot, but don't want to and anyone about. Just want to quietly all this, think this life, want to these changes. Maybe friends see me laugh, I don't know whether I really happy. But I understand, in fact, I was not happy, but more is a lot of unpleasant things in life. Maybe many people will envy me. But I often envy others more. Once a day in the past. Some things I have don't want to mention, just in my heart. Someone said to me; To be a person as long as oneself happy. I don't know how to do can let oneself happy. May be lost, is lost forever. Once the time may be very happy. Something has left many difficult to forget. Perhaps is really I think too much, perhaps I shouldn't think so much. Maybe I should find a way to make oneself happy. A year's time and fast in the past. After and what is it like to be myself. In the past maybe happiness, maybe sadness, but let us understand some things, no matter happy sad. Perhaps this is the price of growth. Maybe I really understand, maybe long ago understand, just too persistent. Recall those days of the past, this thought he understood and learned. But feel more confused than ever. Maybe I was wrong? Maybe... But no matter what has gone. Now again want to also useless. Want to say too much too much but let oneself more disorderly. Or want to day, people still want to live. I don't want to think too much. Think too much will only make me more confused, own to go, is the way in the future, don't rely on others
Exactly how to go on this road? A person stops
Drink a passage from me each and every one was dazed and confused Time. Now look at the others had a dream while in the fight for my own mess and the down and out, with a wry smile endless sentimental way how to go?
Very wanted to escape to hide
But once a time remind me of the face
Although very tired but I feel very deep, maybe life contains the meaning of the word find its solution as a result of too many countless is relentless.

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