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I would always be his pride

Years after afford much waiting, many people have no time to say goodbye and left, a lot of things haven't been able to do has become the past. In life, who had never hurt, pain, loss, regret. Not all pass will know, not all People are hurrying to and fro. would have deep.
This thing if weiqimei memories of, it is the scent of camphor, sweet and sound, like remembered happiness, sweet and sadness, like forgotten sorrow.
Remember when I was very small, according to dad about was born half a month, my mother is busy with work and went to work, and my dad had taught four classes of history, so that time is a person to take my grandpa, grandpa has more than sixty years old at the time the. Day Huanghuangyouyou, I gradually grew up, to speak of the age, I remember that I like to eat I don't remember the name of that cake every day, Grandpa would ride a bike to the car's back, to the place far away from my house to help me buy back, the wind and rain without hindrance. Life is long and calm, I have to go to school from the little one to the age, will go far from home every day the local primary school, Grandpa knew I doesn't love to eat breakfast this morning, so every morning he will have changed the pattern for my breakfast, six years, 2190 days, I had breakfast no one is repeated; when the primary school grade five or six, my math is not good, every time the exam, the teacher is not to let the parents to sign on the paper, often this time of the signature is grandpa. Gradually, I reached high school age, junior and senior high school, test pressure, and I also gradually rarely go back to see Grandpa, I just on holidays will go back; at that time I began to feel Grandpa, stubborn, verbose. After a long summer, I become a college student, by chance, I find that grandpa is old, he can no longer like before, regardless of the weather to help me to buy delicious, not the same as before to make breakfast for me, also not the same as before to help me to sign the papers, but also did not like the before long winded, replace sb. is endless silence.
I don't quite understand grandpa why so stubborn, and later heard from parents, grandpa is their home eldest brother, home and everything is Grandpa alone in the house. When Grandpa young is to catch up with that the most difficult time, as a leader he, all the things is the house he alone, he drives every day to run transport, just for the sake of everyone in the family had a good. Later the day gets better, but the public was one day old.
Remember that time I went to see him, he is the floor under the sun, in the courtyard of the people asked him: "how is your daughter?" Grandpa told them very proud: I was his pride. See Grandpa answer them look, so proud, so proud. I watched the tears. When I finally understand, even if I'm not good, not good, in the eyes of my grandpa, is that he was familiar to the apex of the little princess, in the eyes of Grandpa, I would always be his pride.
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